I've been building websites from the ground up since 1998. I taught myself how to hard-code HTML, and went to college from 2008-2010 to learn Adobe Creative Suite so I could manipulate all the graphics to go along with all that, "nerdy coding goodness."


GoDaddy says you can, "Build Your Site in Under an Hour!" But you can't...not REALLY. Especially if you don't know anything about not only Web Design - but actual Design - and, more importantly, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to begin with. 

There are so many design and organizational elements necessary to make a good website - fonts, ease of navigation, eye-catching graphics, interesting and/or informational verbiage are just a few of the main ones. 

One of my very most favorite - and relevant to nearly all of my business clients - is the CALL US NOW! button. Your power has gone could be a storm, or a blown fuse, or your husband pulled a Clark Griswold for any given holiday. You are not going to want to mess around with having to type in a phone number or fill in a contact form.

Don't let a bunch of amateurs talk you into some hundreds of dollars a month plan in order to secure your website's ability to provide uninterrupted service to your customer base...and  you don't HAVE to have Google AdWords for hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month to, "be found online."

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