24-Hour Turnaround is NOT a Myth!

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

I've worked since I was 15 years old...and that's been quite a while ago now (ahem). Those days when I was collecting carts in the Albertson's parking lot in Largo, FL until I turned 16 so I could cashier seem sooo like - who am I kidding? It feels like a few months ago, truth be told. Time does fly - and as we all now know, it's not necessarily because we're having fun.

Apparently I missed the class in all of my schooling that explained what 'Real Life' is like once you're a grown-up and have a mortgage, car payment, pets, HOA fees...the list goes on and on. Long story short, I've worked myriad jobs in a multitude of industries, and now I have my own business. Because yeah, that's SOOO much easier...but I digress. <grin>

It's all about accountability, and work ethic, and since I'm doing what I love for a living now? It's even more important that I stress how AWESOME it is every time I get the opportunity to do something like THIS for a client. And it doesn't occur often - but when it does? Bring. It. On!

One of my artist clients of 3 years called me up on a Friday afternoon, telling me that her sign painter had gotten too busy to complete her awning painting. Her new gallery was scheduled to open that following Tuesday, and there was no backup plan. Was there anything I could do to help? Ummm....yes. Yes, yes I could. And can. And did.

That Friday, in the space of 10 hours, I tile-printed out a 15-foot stream of card stock in their font. That is 165 pages that were then laid out on my living room floor, taped back together manually with clear packing tape, and then the letters got cut out via Xacto knife. (I didn't even charge extra for dog and cat wrangling!)

It only took us 45 minutes to trace the template onto the awning the next morning, and then the painting commenced.

The Gallery opened on time, and the awning is bright white and visible from MILES past its location at 6538 E. Tanque Verde Road in Tucson, AZ (wink wink, nudge nudge). I take every single situation that arises with my clients personally. Most of the people I work with on a regular basis have become friends over the years, and while this is most certainly an isolated case, I treat every single request from my clients with just as much seriousness and outside-the-box thinking as I can.

Whether your turnaround time is 24 hours or 24 days (or longer!), I am here to help you with any and every single thing you might need to help your business succeed.

Visit JVAdesignAGE today and see how I can help you get outside "that box!"


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