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The well-known concept of Graphic Design encompasses more than just one or two elements of the artistic process. 

Graphic Design entails the use of not only an existing - or newly created - logo, but that image in conjunction with fonts, tag lines and myriad other parts and pieces coming together to form not only a cohesive (and, in a perfect world, easily recognizable) image and/or campaign that allows you to be viewed as a leader in your industry - whatever that may be. 

For example: If you happen to see this image:

You should immediately know what that stands for. See that "swoosh" in addition to a tagline, such as, "Just Do It"? should know exactly what that means, and what that advertisement is telling you, and where to go find it in  your neck of the woods. 

THIS is what excellent Graphic Design and Marketing can and should do for you. And no, it doesn't have to be worldwide - and most likely won't, whenever you are beginning your company.


But what it does stand for, is what you are intending to achieve - via repetitive marketing, advertising dollars and the most important element? CONTINUITY. 

You can make YOUR mark with all the right help...and JVAdesignAGE is here to make sure you remain focused, on point and on task. Your Marketing will match!

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