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Books, Mass Mailers, Newspaper & Magazine Ads, Billboards (even Online Ads & Animations), JVAdesignAGE can help you with everything you and/or your business need in order to give all your projects and advertising a creative edge. 

Adobe Creative Suite is my friend, and if you don't work in Mac-based apps? I can do some serious damage in Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well!

If looking at Spec Sheets gives you a headache, call me today - I know all about CMYK vs. RGB, dpi, fullbleeds and all  those other "secret" terms. I can even do Desktop Publishing, if you only need a few (or more) copies of something produced. 

JVAdesignAGE also comes built-in with 8 years of Media & Web Design experience in local Radio/TV, 3 years with one of the best known Non-Profits in the world, ten years' experience as a bank teller and loan officer, and even more years in retail and customer service - affording me all the patience & creativity you need to bring all your projects to fruition.

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