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I took every Art Class that I could sign up for when I was in Middle and High School. I was not a Mathematician - despite my father being a lifelong amazing math teacher at one of the best high schools in Worthington, Ohio. I mostly failed at Geography, History, Geometry - in fact, I only passed Biology (with a D) because I was able to hand-draw my teacher a poster size, to-scale drawing of a fetus In-Utero. 

I can only count myself lucky for those experiences because the Arts have been cut out of so many schools; I have NO IDEA what kids are learning without being able to take Home Economics - where you first learn everything from how to crack eggs without shell in the mix, to sewing a dessert or pet pillow project...which of course THESE days you can buy at a craft store for $2.00 - but you still won't know how to sew (hell, I'm STILL scared of sewing machines) LOL!!

Industrial Arts (and pretty much ALL Arts) were my friends - so in my Junior year of High School, I enlisted in Jewelry classes. I had a job, so I could purchase the fine metals needed - Silver, Brass, Nickel, etc., and whatever stones I chose to inset. I learned how to work with metal; how you start out flat, then pound it within an inch of it's life in order to fortify and reinforce it. 

Fast forward some years later (ahem). Three years ago, I decided to go back into it, just to see what I could do. I ordered a 6' roll of 22-gauge roofing-and-bar-grade copper online and started designing and 'playing...'

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