Card Games In Las Vegas

Jack Kregas started playing cards at 6 years old by watching his father run card games in an upstairs room at his hotel.
He has played Draw poker, 7 & 5 card stud, Omaha, Crazy Pineapple, Gin Rummy, Bridge, Cribbage, Blackjack, Jass, (Swiss national game),
and variations of poker such as One­eyed Jacks are wild, High­ low, and others made up at the time.


He played all through high school and ran poker games during his time in the Army.
At the Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, he was involved in high­stakes Gin Rummy games losing $13,000 in one afternoon to the girlfriend of Omar Shariff.

As the fad of cards changed from Gin Rummy to Backgammon,

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Jack lost while learning the game eventually entering the World Championship of Backgammon in Las Vegas in the late seventies.
He survived four rounds before winning $150 and an electric Backgammon set.

Thirty or so years of no card playing ended in 2007

when Jack began playing Texas Holdem in pubs on the Gold Coast of Australia.
His previous experience with cards made him a consistent winner against many who had little or no knowledge of the game.

In 2009, Jack, along with a partner, started Gold Coast Poker competing with four other companies providing poker to pubs.
Innovation and new ideas made Gold Coast Poker an instant success with over 35 venues and more than 4000 players each week.
They staged the first buy­in, two­day game at Seagulls in NSW with over 200 participants.
(NOTE: This was at the time when paying to play was against the law in Queensland.)
A year and a half later Jack sold Gold Coast Poker to APL, the largest provider of poker in Australia.


Jack played in the Aussie Millions twice, winning $5500 once and zero the second time.
Jack won $4800 at the APL Millions in Sydney.
He played in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
And many other events throughout the US and the world including Macau, Europe, and on cruise­ships.

At the native­ American­run casinos around the United States, Jack has had continued success.
While never winning a major event, he has placed second twice and cashed in many times.

During 2012 and 2013, Jack played daily on the internet with Poker Stars or Full Tilt,
losing and winning with a final count estimated to be something over $1650 in winnings.

Not a livable wage over two years.

In 2015, Jack turned his attention to writing and published his explicit autobiography as well as three other books.
In 2016 and 2017, Jack wrote three more novels while occasionally playing poker, cashing in at Melbourne, Sydney, and Los Angles to over $42,000, proving the adage that less is more.

Lamenting the fact that the game has changed,
Jack has played far less choosing the locations and games he finds are worth the effort based on buy­in and return.
A local pub game with two steaks for $20 and a $15 buy­in is a good gig a couple of nights a week.